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Władysław Podkowinski

The Palace in Chrzęsne was a home, family seat, as well as the "Mecca" for several artists. However, it should be noted, that as in many manors of the time, the owners of Chrzęsne - mainly through extensive family and social contacts, willingly hosted at home other painters and artists from Warsaw who found here suitable companionship, climate, and finally break from the lush life of the capital.

The first artist that probably appeared in Chrzęsne was Jan Owidzki. This painter, hardly known today, was in his time quite popular illustrator.

In Chrzęsne and near-by Mokra Wieś eagerly spent his summer holidays a leading representative of Polish Impressionism - Władysław Podkowiński. Thanks to the innovative qualities of his works, he has become one of the most popular artistic personalities of his time. Much of his work associated with Impressionism was created just in Chrzęsne. It was here that at that time he was watching and painting portraits, genre scenes and fragments of Mazovian landscapes, later recognized as masterpieces of Polish art.

In the spring of 1891 at the horse races, Julian Maszyński made a proposal to Podkowiński to spend a summer in Mokra Wieś. As previously mentioned, the estate in Mokra Wieś belonged to Maszyński family, but they spent only vacation there. It is believed that Julian Maszyński invited the artist to the village due to his poor health.

The summer spent in Mokra Wieś was a time, when some of the best Podkowiński's portraits came into being. It was a time when the painter, freed from the problems of everyday existence and direct obligations, was allowed to devote himself to work without any hindrance. He painted a lot at that time. It was just in Chrzęsne and Mokra Wieś that in 1891-1892, such works were created as:

  • "In the garden",
  • "In gooseberries"
  • "Lupine in the sun"
  • „Mokra Wieś”,
  • "A girl against the background of a garden (Bronisia)"
  • "Orchard in Chrzęsne"
  • "A Meeting".


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