Pałac w Chrzęsnem

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Architectural Qualities

The most important element of the palace-and-park complex remaining until today is the Late Renaissance building built on a rectangular plan with two distinctive pentagon brakes. Attracts the attention the central part with the rectangular door on the frontal façade, separated by two pilasters bossaged in part of the ground floor. On both sides of the entrance, over which the balcony is located, there are oculi, oval in shape (photo no.1). The façade decoration is complemented by the bossaged corners, window framing, Tuscan pilasters dividing the attic endwalls and toothed cornice above the frieze. The whole is closed from the top by a pediment roof covered with the eramic tiles (photo no. 2).

Also spaces inside the building present themselves interestingly. On the ground floor attract the attention cross-barrel vaults with stucco decoration (photo no. 3), and on the floor there are preserved larch beam ceiling and two Rococo fireplaces (photo no. 4).

The entire complex includes, in addition to the palace, an administrative building (former "czworak" - cottage with four chambers) and reconstructed granary (photo no. 5). Once there were also wooden stables and sizeable cellars.

In the first half of the nineteenth century, a landscape park was created on the foundation of former man-made park landscape. In its heyday, the spatial arrangement of the park was outlined by the main access road that ended up at the courtyard. The clearing, orchard and pond were integrated into the park pathways. Unfortunately, over the time, the park has lost its original character. Axle of the main avenue obliterated, the orchard turned into farmland, and the whole was dominated by self seeding species. The days of grandness are recalled by a few old trees still remaining here, among which there is an oak more than 200 year old.


Pałac w Chrzęsnem
ul. Pałacowa 1
05-240 Tłuszcz
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