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„Frenzy of Exultations"

The most famous work of Władysław Podkowiński is "Frenzy of Exultations", painting of an impressive size 310 cm x 275 cm, a very dynamic composition and intriguing content.

In March 1894, the painting was exhibited in Zachęta. On the first day of the exhibition, the gallery was frequented by about a thousand people. According to press release, during the five-week exhibition, "Frenzy of Exultations" of Podkowiński was seen by twelve thousand spectators, unusual number at that time. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere of scandal accompanying the whole project has contributed to such popularity of work. In late April, the press reported that the painting's creator came to the exhibition, went up the ladder and cut his work with knife.

The reasons for this act have never been entirely clarified. Podkowiński has never revealed clearly the reasons for his behaviour. “I know that he was in love with someone"- wrote in his memoirs Henryk Jasieński, son of Feliks Jasieński, a friend of the painter. So who was this woman who became such an inspiration for the painter, and which eventuated in painting's destruction? Doubts are not raised only by the fact that this woman was related to Koskowski family from Chrzęsne. The most often recollected dame is Ewa Kotarbińska, wife of painter's friend and benefactor, Miłosz Kotarbiński. Eleven years older than the painter, but still beautiful, socially polished and inaccessible, she may become the object of Podkowiński's affection and unfulfilled dreams.

Probably in 1892, after vacation in Chrzęsne "after fundamental conversation with a loved one, he came to the conclusion that he would never win her, he fell in a park on the grass wet with dew and laid there all the night in despair. It was the beginning of his illness, and developing tuberculosis, contracted indeed by hunger and poverty in the early youth." Perhaps it was after this conversation that the Maszyńskis and Kotarbińskis brake contacts with the painter, and he spends his next holiday in a completely different part of the country.

The second half of 1895 is the slow dying of an artist with sick body and soul. Illness potentiated by fasting and deliberate catching cold exhausted the artist, who even at that moment did not want to accept any help from Wincentyna Karska. He died at the age of 29 years, January 5th, 1895.

Władysław Podkowiński was a painter of great creative potential. Often seen in his work - although barely sketched, the beginnings of many of the problems of painting typical of the era, and often ahead of this era in Poland. It is worth noting that Chrzęsne and its residents are linked to almost all innovative actions of the artist. It was in Chrzęsne that Podkowiński painted Poland's first outdoors portrait; its best Impressionist works, these are also landscapes from Chrzęsne and Mokra Wieś. Finally, the most famous symbolic painting of Podkowiński - " Frenzy of Exultations" - was also inspired by events and people associated with Chrzęsne palace.


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