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Adaptation of Chrzęsne palace for educational and cultural purposes

Since 2002 the palace with offices: granary and administrative building, and about 3.5 hectare park stay in possession of the Wołomin District office. In the years 2002-2008 interim securing works were carried out. In 2008, the Wołomin District began efforts to undertake the adaptation works and obtain EU grant for this purpose in the framework of the Regional Operational Programme of the Mazovian Province 2007-2013.

In the years 2009-2014, the extensive construction and maintenance works were carried out in the palace-and-park complex in Chrzęsne. Performed a comprehensive renovation of the palace, granary, administration building, park and fence. At that time, a number of testing was performed in the palace-and-park complex: archaeological, architectural, conservatory and specialist with regard to polychromy, mycology, and dendrology. Adaptation works in the buildings and the park were carried out under the guidance and supervision of the Provincial Conservator. All the works were carried out according to the guidelines based on the principle of respecting and preserving the original material, taking into account the results of the testing and new functional requirements.

The adaptation included execution of construction works among others, in respect of drying walls and foundations, strengthening of walls, ceilings, and lintels, replacement of structure as well as roofing and cladding works. In addition, the restoration and conservation works were carried out with regard to stucco and vaults decoration, larch ceilings and elements of interior and exterior stone work pieces. Historic layout of the interior was restored during the works, while adapting it to new functions.

"Adaptation of Chrzęsne palace" was conducted for the purpose of educational and cultural functions of this complex. Spacious, stylish interiors, decorated with the original elements, provide the perfect setting for exhibitions and expositions of collections gathered there. Landmarked buildings preserved their historical image, while their functionality has been adapted to the needs of the twenty-first century. The object was equipped with modern media, IT and safety systems. It was also adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities.

The value of restoration works in Chrzęsne amounted to ca. 14 million zloty. Restored thanks to the efforts of the Wołomin District and thanks to EU grant, palace-and-park in Chrzęsne regained its former grandness and now is a showcase of the region.


Pałac w Chrzęsnem
ul. Pałacowa 1
05-240 Tłuszcz
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