Pałac w Chrzęsnem

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Palace history after World War II

After the confiscation of Chrzęsne estate in 1944 by the Treasury, the mansion with neighbouring buildings and approx. 6-hectare park was handed over to the Association of Children's Friends. An estate with an area of ??about 260 hectares was taken over first by Chrzęsne State Agricultural Enterprise, and then in 1973 by Niegów State Agricultural Enterprise.

After World War II complex's building were completely renovated. The Palace damaged in 1945, was temporarily secured in 1948-49. Polish Studios for Conservation of Cultural Property in Warsaw (State Enterprise) undertaken the research and design works in the 50-ties of the XX century as part of the project named "Manor in Chrzęsne - reconstruction". At the beginning of the 60-ties restoration works were carried out and the buildings of the palace were adapted to the needs of the Educational Facility, initially for the boys, and later for the girls. The facility functioned since 1965 until 1997.

In 1959, "Manor Chrzęsne with the equipment and relics of the former park" was recognized legally as a monument and entered in the register of monuments. In 1976, also park in Chrzęsne found itself amongst the cultural assets entered into register of monuments, as an example of a seventeenth-century landscape park in Mazovia. In connection with the administrative reform, the two entries have been combined on 13.05.2005. Currently the palace in Chrzęsne together with a park appears in the register of monuments of Mazowieckie Province under a number A-389.


Pałac w Chrzęsnem
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